Plant + Pot combo - Dragon Tail

Plant + Pot combo - Dragon Tail

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The Dragon tail (Epipremnum pinnatum) is one you will definitely want to add to your indoor plant collection thanks to it’s interesting leaves. 

Plants produce thick fleshy stems that will either crawl along the surface of the pot or can be trained to climb up a totem if provided. Just remember the plant is toxic so keep it away from little paws. 

The Dragon tail is planted into a planter that is part of TONiC Ceramics rustic range.  It has drainage holes and comes with its own tray.

TONiC Ceramics planters are handmade in limited quantities in Melbourne, Australia. Thrown by hand, each planter is unique with the sizing being judged by eye, there are slight variations in measurements and glazing.  It measures 9cm H x 18.5cm W.

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